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The Resilience Program @RTC

The Resilience program @ RTC is an evidence-based, holistic lifestyle & stress management program great for busy individuals and working professionals who regularly deal with tough situations and circumstances in their lives.


This comprehensive program integrates yoga, breath work, and other mindful practices to create a lifelong wellness practice that will enhance a person’s ability to adapt to hard circumstances, handle stress, and enhance their well-being. Individuals will be provided education and taught practical techniques to empower them to positively cope with stress in their real life.  There will be both in-person and self-study opportunities to make this program accessible for busy individuals!

The next Resilience Program will start on January 21st, 2023!

Becca Ellis Yoga Instructor
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Resilience participants can add on class passes, small group passes, and additional private appointments for 25% off during the duration of the program.

What's included in The Resilience Program @RTC

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I was in the inaugural Resilience Program @ RTC offered by Dr. Becca Ellis, and I can honestly say that it transformed me. I observe in myself a tendency to be hypervigilant. The pandemic exacerbated that tendency, and I found it challenging to relax fully. I was suddenly struggling with stress-related medical conditions. 


Becca brings grace and empathy to everything she does. She effortlessly merges complex concepts of western medicine, such as the vagus nerve and its role in self-regulation, with the wisdom of yoga. The program is far more than a medical intervention. It is an examination of your life to reconnect with what is important and your joy and balance.


Becca curated breathing practices, movements, mindfulness practices, postures, observations, and readings that supported a realignment of my nervous system and enhanced my well-being and peace of mind. The formal sessions are practical, and the touch bases help with accountability. I can’t imagine a more knowledgeable, supportive, and compassionate guide for a journey towards resilience than Becca.

-Ann Chinnis, MD, MSHA

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Sample Virtual Class Library Videos

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