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Membership & Pricing

Become a member in our Virginia Beach yoga studio for access to unlimited classes and discounts!


Classes taught by experienced yoga instructors and our physical therapists.

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Sign up for yoga classes in our yoga studio in Virginia Beach and virtual yoga classes via Zoom.

Yoga classes for all levels including yoga classes for beginners and yoga for seniors. 




Our Virtual Membership has every class you may need, when you need it, from core strengthening to total body stretching to rest and relaxation practices.

Yoga is the perfect way to find inner peace, and there are many different types of classes that can help you with stress relief and healthy living. No matter what your goal is, we have a perfect class that will help you get there! The art of practicing this ancient technique brings together physical disciplines such as hatha yoga or vinyasa flow combined with mental awareness practices like meditation and journaling for balance between mind-body.

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