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Hello Sweater Weather!

I love the changes in the seasons we get in our Coastal Virginia area!

This one, my personal favorite.

Last weekend we met for several workshops to explore this quietening time of year. After the harvest as been brought in from the fields (physically and metaphorically) it’s a time to can the goods, stock the shelves and prepare for darker hours with nurturing foods and practices.

In the Fall Season Ayurveda workshop we discussed the importance of working to balance ourselves with the natural world. It’s a windy dry season, so we care for ourselves by bringing in the opposite, warm moist grounding practices. In the Restorative yoga workshop, Debbie Harrell E-500RYT taught us the importance of taking rest and we had a lovely practice with lots of bolsters blocks and blankets!

If you’d like to learn more on how to care for yourself during the change of the season (or anytime!), we offer wellness appointments & private yoga sessions to support you, call the office to schedule! We’d love to see you!

Our next Seasonal workshop is for Winter, December 16th, save the date!

At The Studio@RTC we made a few changes to our weekly schedule (even added a weekend class!) and more workshops throughout the season to keep us in community and learning about ourselves. Go to our website to see the full schedule,

It’s not too late to join the Resilience Program, it’s a 12 week program, started last week so we can get you “up to speed’, but don’t delay! If you have a little nudge in your heart saying “yes, this is for you”, listen to it. This program was developed by Becca several years ago and I have joined her adding my offerings, it’s our favorite program, we deep dive with our 34 combined years of experience and bring so much to the table for you.

We look forward to seeing you this season, in class or by private appointment!

I’ll leave you with this bit of good news too; Restorative Therapy Co. has open appointments with the the many great doctors of physical therapy, call the office to schedule. No referral is needed!


Mollie Robertson

Yoga teacher E-500 RYT, YACEU, RPYT

Membership & Wellness Coordinator

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