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The Studio @RTC: A center for integrative and holistic health

Contributed by: The Rooted Hook, Andrew Lantz, and Katie Kramer

Meditation and mindfulness in yoga studio at Virginia Beach

At TheStudio @RTC, we help active people and those seeking a more active lifestyle in Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area to quickly recover from injury and decrease chronic pain, so that they can continue playing their sport, exercising, and enjoying their lives. We also help our clients and patients to avoid surgery, limit the destructiveness of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, and decrease their dependence on pain medication. We do so through one-on-one goal-oriented physical therapy, one-on-one medical therapeutic yoga, and traditional and accessible yoga classes. Our patients and clients span all ages, abilities, and backgrounds and we treat issues from head to toe.

We are lucky to have many skilled practitioners in physical therapy, chiropractic, sports medicine, massage, yoga, etc. are in Virginia Beach. But there are also many clinics with not-so-great quality care, where you could end up wasting your time and money on treatments that may be unnecessary and even dangerous.

Skilled Professionals in Physical Therapy, Chiroptic, sport, yoga,

At Restorative Therapy Co, our physical therapists focus on treating the causes of your pain and not just your symptoms. Our clinical decisions are based off of what you as the patient desire and need- not our bottom line. Unlike most traditional PT clinics, we do not utilize assistants and techs to carry out treatments. We provide our patients with at least one hour of uninterrupted one-on-one quality treatment, performed by a physical therapist, where we can focus on the root of the problem. We dedicate this time to educate our patients on their prognosis and important lifestyle changes, perform manual therapy techniques to reduce pain and stiffness, and teach functional and restorative exercise to achieve personal and functional goals. We do not just have our patients perform exercises that they could easily find and perform themselves at home from the internet. Bottom line- we don’t waste your time on things that you could just be doing at home on your own

We understand that the beauty of the practice of yoga is the feeling of liberation you feel in the mind along with the physical body. To attain this freedom there is a certain amount of surrender and trust every student must practice. This trust comes from a guide, aka your yoga teacher. When students appear on their yoga mats, there can be a sense of wonder and intrepidation as these movements are not traditional and, at times, can be quite strenuous. Here TheStudio @RTC, we welcome all physical bodies and our teachers understand that there is more to practice than just performing “yoga poses”. We also believe there is a chance to connect one's mind to their body and that it is truly an honor to do this work. Our offering to you is a variety of yoga classes and chances to learn and grow your meditation practice. We offer a variety of ways to move and we will continue to innovate as the world evolves. We invite you to try our FREE Yoga classes in our Virtual Membership and explore your own connection and a chance for liberation.

Yoga Studio in Virginia Beach

As a whole, our patients and clients are adamant on staying or becoming more active, they don’t want to hear “just rest and take these pills”, they wish to avoid surgery if possible, and they look for a natural and holistic way to become or remain active in order to enjoy their lives. We wholeheartedly believe that through our compassionate and holistic approach, our clients and patients can achieve these goals and do so while feeling encouraged and empowered. If that sounds like you or someone that you know, please visit our website, email, or call 757-578-2958 for more information today.

TheStudio@RTC is a Virginia Beach yoga studio featuring mindful performance and therapeutic yoga. Classes are taught by our expert yoga instructors and physical therapists. Our team will always be here to support your personal wellness journey. We have created a non-judgmental and open space to encourage continued personal growth through accessible classes, events, and educational opportunities for all!

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